Recently, we discussed Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women; a rather well know topic. Today, we’d like to talk about Hormone Replacement Therapy, but this time, specifically for men. What does it entail? What benefits can it bring to a patient? First off, what is testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone that is produced mainly in the testicles. It helps maintain different functions in men, such as: Bone density Fat distribution Strength and muscle mass Body and facial hair Production of red blood cells Sexual desire Sperm production Testosterone levels usually reach their peak during adolescence and the first years of adulthood. As you get older, testosterone levels decrease progressively; usually about 1 percent a year after 30 or 40 years. In older men, it is important to determine whether a low testosterone level is simply due to a normal age decrease or if it is due to disease (hypogonadism). Symptoms [...]


While some women are very candid when speaking about menopause and all its well know symptoms (the most commonly and comically portrayed: the hot flashes, dryness, dryness, trouble sleeping, etc.), some are still shy about discussing it, even with their doctors. So, very quickly, let’s review the most commons symptoms or signs of menopause: Missed periods Hot flashes Weight gain Sleep Deprivation Vaginal dryness Mood Swings Sore breasts Chronic headaches Decreased sex drive Incontinence Night Sweats Memory problems Chronic Urinary tract infections Changes to skin and hair Increased risk of other diseases   Photo: Medical News Today   It really does sound pretty terrifying! But it doesn’t have to be. As many experts, studies and credible sources of information have noted, Hormone Therapy can be beneficial for women below the age of 60 and close proximity to the onset of menopause (within 10 years); it can lower [...]

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