In past articles, we have already commented how compounding techniques can be of great help when it comes to our children. More specific doses, simpler application forms for them, more tolerable flavors; in short, the possibilities are many. Photo: Inhealth Compounding This time we will be talking specifically about Chloral Hydrate. Chloral hydrate is the most used sedative in children, particularly in diagnostic procedures that require the young patient be immobile; especially with the smallest, between 1 to 3 years old. It is also considered the oldest hypnotic. Its widely used in pediatric services and its pharmacological properties are many. Its route of administration can be oral or rectal. It is rapidly absorbed and metabolized in the liver, erythrocytes, and kidneys to trichloroethanol (active) and trichloroacetic acid (inactive). The protein binding of the active metabolite is 70-80% and the half-life in the system, from four to twelve [...]